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09 July 2007 @ 10:43 pm
friends only.  

once i become less lazy

before you add me:
1.tell me where i know you from.
2. end of list

Current Mood: blahblah
Tracigray_eyed_rose on January 1st, 2008 11:17 pm (UTC)
Hey, it's Traci from Zefron forum. My username on there was Mystique_Storm but I changed it to Kindled.Trinket :)
pasabaxaquipasabaxaqui on October 5th, 2008 05:43 am (UTC)
Re: Zefron
i post sometimes at the zikkishire, no story just opinios, and i'm Carla, just want to read some more of the Zikki i just love it so much..'@'