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Six Moments at the Wildflower Mural

Title: Six Moments at the Wildflower Mural
Rating: PG-13 (like a very mild one though for brief mention of sex)
Word Count: 5800~
Timeline: Scattered throughout Master Plan and Leslie and Ben
Disclaimer: I would make an HBO spin-off of Parks if I owned anything.
A/N: So I came up with the idea a while ago. It was originally supposed to be six short drabbles, but I went a little overboard. I just wanted to write what I think happened during the moments we saw, and moments we didn't get to see. I hope it's not too repetitive or anything. Also, it's like fluff up the ying yang so.. I hope it doesn't hurt (though there's like a smidgen of angst in here too. Nothing to cry about.) Many thanks to shornt for her early feedback! I really appreciate it <3 I really hope you like it! I worked hard on it. Comments/Feedback are wanted :)

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Get Your Money's Worth

Title: Get Your Money's Worth
Rating: Hard R
Word Count: ~1,300
Spoilers/Timeline: At the end of Ben's Parents
Summary: Basically, this is what we all know happened in the cab, I mean....
A/N: This is me writing fic every six months basically. If I get good feedback, I might try writing a little more. Be easy on me! I wrote this at 3 AM, there's no beta, and I haven't written smut in a few years. I tried my best!

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You Make Me Lose Control

Title: You Make Me Lose Control
Author: sashanaa
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1000~
Timeline: Through 'Live Ammo'
Author's Note: This is my first Ben/Leslie fic and I'm terrified. It's pure fluff and a little pointless, but I just wanted get a small start writing fics again. It's been years, guys. Years. I really hope you like it. Comments are welcome! And I don't own any of these characters.

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