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15 March 2013 @ 04:03 pm
Six Moments at the Wildflower Mural  
Title: Six Moments at the Wildflower Mural
Rating: PG-13 (like a very mild one though for brief mention of sex)
Word Count: 5800~
Timeline: Scattered throughout Master Plan and Leslie and Ben
Disclaimer: I would make an HBO spin-off of Parks if I owned anything.
A/N: So I came up with the idea a while ago. It was originally supposed to be six short drabbles, but I went a little overboard. I just wanted to write what I think happened during the moments we saw, and moments we didn't get to see. I hope it's not too repetitive or anything. Also, it's like fluff up the ying yang so.. I hope it doesn't hurt (though there's like a smidgen of angst in here too. Nothing to cry about.) Many thanks to shornt for her early feedback! I really appreciate it <3 I really hope you like it! I worked hard on it. Comments/Feedback are wanted :)

First Encounters.

“This building has feelings?”

“Maybe,  there’s a lot of history in this one.”

Ms. Knope is something else. He can’t stop thinking about what she said. How can a building have feelings? He inwardly judges such a fatuous sentiment as he heads up to the second floor to drop off documents relating to the meeting he had with her and the man whose name he can’t remember. Don or something? He, clearly uncaring about the potentially dire situation unfolding here, is a little too enthusiastic about his and Chris’s presence.

Leslie, however, is way more than unenthusiastic. She is challenging, to say the least. She is certainly unlike any person he’s come across in the towns he’s visited on the job. Most, though irritable with the facts, are keen on change, but none were as fervent and passionate as she seems. The two only met briefly and sure, most of their conversation was what he expected, but her words of adoration for the people in her tiny department leave an impression on him, though he’s still unsure of what the impression even is. He is normally indifferent about the people he meets on the job, but there is just something about her that stuck. He can’t quite place what it is that made him curious.

And then there she is.

He stops short of his destination and sees Ms. Knope sitting with her head in her hands. By her mannerisms, she appears upset. He sort of expects it, but he also feels bad. He almost wants to approach her and assure her, but he is certain he’ll be anything but soothing. Ben doesn’t know how to comfort anyone. He never learned from his parents; his father finds it comforting to throw his mother’s sculpting tools down a well. Not helpful.

So he doesn’t approach her, but he watches her, awkwardly standing behind a glass case. He wonders how inappropriate this must look, but his eyes remain attached to her sullen frame. As she rubs her eyes and sits up, Ben panics worrying she’ll see him and tries to duck out of site, thus scattering his documents onto the ground. He freezes silently cursing his inelegance as he looks in her direction, but she seems unfazed.

As he picks up the papers sprawled on the ground, he watches her stand and face the wall. Her body relaxes mildly as she takes purchase in the brightly colored mural before her.  Though he can’t see her face, he can tell she is suddenly content.

Leslie gathers her padfolio and blazer laying on the bench, stands up straight and with a deep breath, she walks down the opposite end of the hall. Once she is gone, Ben slowly walks toward the bench and stands in front of the mural.  He looks at it for a few seconds and shrugs to himself.

He doesn’t get it.  By the way Leslie appeared when she left, it’s obvious that this spot was some sort of comfort to her. He almost wants to ask her why. It’s just an old bench in front of a mediocre mural.

Well, sort of mediocre.

He sits down on the bench placing his hands rigidly on his knees. Not very comfortable either, but he leans back anyway, tipping his head back slightly. He closes his eyes and closes his mind off from everything that is going on in his life right now.

He’d just been placed in this small, ordinary town, a monotonous routine for many years on the job and it is beginning to wane on him. He is used to the resentment and even the petty violence from citizens, but of course, he doesn’t enjoy it. He’ll never admit it, but sometimes he wants something more. More than this job that makes him feel lonely and unwanted amongst the residents he’s met. But here he is, stuck in this seemingly boring little town with a high obesity rate and something called Nipple Hill.

He opens his eyes and sighs, relishing in the peaceful stillness of this spot. He stands facing the mural. Up close, he has to admit, it is actually quite beautiful. It looks serene, unlike being in an actual field of wildflowers. He hates bees.

He scans it over once more before gathering his things to leave.  Okay, he may still have a hard time understanding how this building can actually have feelings, but it did have at least one nice mural. Many of the other more historical murals he has seen are rather alarming.  There’s a lot of history he is actually curious to learn more about.

As he ambles down the hall to his planned destination, he takes another quick glance at the mural and his mind wanders to Leslie again. Or Ms. Knope. He isn’t quite sure what to call her yet. After seeing her demeanor just now, he weirdly doesn’t want to let her down.  He received an invite to her coworker’s birthday party, earlier. He isn’t sure why they even want him there, but he thinks that maybe he’ll get a chance to set things straight with Leslie.

Or maybe not.


You know that wildflower mural on the second floor?


Yeah? Do you want to meet there?

Somehow the topic of conversation goes from the health initiative to Chris’s weird diet and exercise habits to Game of Thrones, but that isn’t what mattered entirely. They are savoring this moment away from the silliness of competitive coworker cookouts and thoroughly enjoying each other’s company.

 “I had no idea you were a Game of Thrones fan,” Ben is grinning from ear to ear. One of his favorite book series’, and now television shows, isn’t a topic of conversation he has with many people, let alone beautiful, vibrant women like Leslie.

“Oh, certainly! I rarely have anyone else to talk about it with; it appeals to April but only because of the violence, Ann doesn’t really get it, and, well Tom would just call me a nerd when I mention it.”

Ben nods and suddenly he is asking about the kiss Leslie and Tom shared earlier that day.

“I mean, I guess it’s…you know, really not my business, but I..I..”

“Well, it was the only way to get him to shut his mouth. You saw how he was behaving,” She points out. Most meetings with Ben are spent with Leslie shooting off any knowledgeable iota that pops into her brain, while the others are listless and uninterested. The work they do is important and with Tom acting like a buffoon beside her, she came to an unusual ultimatum.

Ben chuckles, “I mean if that’s a way to get him to stop, go for it.”

She cringes, “I think I’ll let Donna take over the duty. It was like kissing my little sister. I didn’t enjoy it at all.”

“Ahh,” is all Ben says, while staring at the curve of her supple cheeks and then her peach colored lips. He wonders what it would be like to ... He quickly averts his gaze as she turns to him.

Ben finds out about the rule at a really bad time, just as he is starting to feel more than just a simple crush for Leslie. A crush; that word sounds much more trivial compared to how he actually feels. When he approaches Chris about socializing with another employee he is expectedly disappointed by what Chris tells him.

Leslie knows too. She knows about the rule. She knows that Ben asked about dating employees. And her inkling is true; she is that employee. Chris is oblivious about all of this, but they both know that it is a rule. An important rule. A rule that shouldn't be broken. A rule that really, really sucks.

“What are you thinking about?” Her gentle voice breaks him out of his thoughts.

He sneaks a glance at her lips before landing on her eyes. “Oh, just...you know, work stuff. I’m, uh… I’m glad we got those ideas mapped out for the health initiative. Great work as always Leslie.” His tone is almost too professional and he sees in the way that she dips her head and she nods that she thinks so too. He carefully rests his hand on her shoulder to assure her. “Really, Leslie. You do excellent work here. You’re truly an asset to your department.” He doesn’t notice any change in her when his hand makes contact, so he leaves it, comfortably.

She can tell what he is trying to say without actually saying it. They should be careful. Though her feelings are swelling constantly each day, she knows it is best to control her urges.  His hand felt light on her shoulder, the pads of his fingers ghosting her shoulder blades. She takes a contented breath and smiles.

She reaches between them to briefly grip his fingers in gratitude. Ben resists the urge to cut off the circulation in her upper arm.

“Thank you, Ben. You do great work here, too. I’m really, really glad you decided to stay in Pawnee.”

His fingers skim the expanse of her upper arm giving it a gentle squeeze, before letting go. He really, really is glad too.  Moments like these could have been lost, had he gone against his own volition. He would have never experienced any of what he’s been able to accomplish here, though many of it carried in the tiny, but dominant and determined hands of Leslie Knope. He wishes he could show her his gratitude, but he just sits back, day by day, and watches her continue her pertinence.

Here he sits with the woman he once tried to fire. In just a few months, she’s become the woman he’s grown to admire.  And now, she is the woman he wants to talk about nothing with, the woman he wants to visit her recommended Pawnee staples with, and the woman he wants to share a kiss with.

Okay, more than a kiss.

He could have never known he’d grow to feel this way, but he had. Now there they are, the spot that was now his favorite in the entire building.

“Well, Ben,”She says brightly. “I think we should get back to work!”

“Work? Leslie, it’s almost 5. And we did work here,” he says impishly, gesturing around them.

“Hmm, I want to get some more ideas flushed out before they leave my brain.” She is standing and navigating down the hall before Ben can collect himself. “Ben! Are you coming?”

Ben scrambles to gather himself, “Yeah, yep. Here I come.”


Ben has always enjoyed this spot; it was the first time he’d felt at peace during his old job here, the first time he’d ever seen Leslie outside of her work environment, and the first time that he’d come to realize that his and Leslie’s feelings were mutual.

He sits there, several days after he finds out Leslie is running for city council, several days after he makes a decision he knows is best for her.  They had broken up, and though he is happy she can pursue her dream free of scandal, he is wrecked with sadness.

He is holding his copy of her book in his hands. His eyes scanning her perfect handwriting as he reads her short, but thoughtful message over and over again.

Ben, you came here and I had no idea why we needed you here, but I’m glad my feelings have turned. You’ve done so much for my department, for me. We built something together that is certainly a testament to the time you’ve spent in Pawnee. And to the time we’ve spent together. Thank you for all that you have done for me and for my department. I’m eternally grateful.

His fingers run over her words, as he imagines her writing this note with her usual sunny demeanor. Then he thinks about how she looks when she’s concentrating on something. She chews on the inside of her lip as she focuses on the task at hand, her hair cascades against her neck as she puts pen to paper. He’s glad he’s able to grasp and hold that image in his head.

What Leslie wrote is rather simple, but it says so much about his time here and the time they've shared.

They were only together a few short months, but Ben is certain of one thing the moment he sees her behind that podium. He is more than in love with her and now, he can’t do anything about it. He can’t tell her, he certainly can’t act on it. All he can do is support her because he is her friend; that’s what friends do.

He sits at the bench in front of the wildflower mural. Their spot where they shared waffles, high school stories, and chaste kisses; the latter only after hours when they couldn’t get caught.  He’s come here several times after their breakup as his way of feeling close to her. A lot of the time, he felt like she had just been there before him; he can almost smell her vanilla scented shampoo in the air.

But suddenly, she there is, standing several feet down the hall. He meets her eyes and frantically closes the book, setting it to the side of him. She gives him a small smile as she walks over.

“Hi,” She stands off to the side of him, eyeing him carefully.

“Uh, hi,” He looks at her briefly before returning his gaze to the wiry hairs on his knuckles.

She clears her throat before inviting herself to sit beside him. She, too, becomes invested in her hands. “You come here a lot? I like to come here before my meetings with Elizabeth and William. Helps me concentrate.”

He just nods setting his gaze in front of him.  She is sitting rather close to him and for some reason he is terrified. The scent of vanilla and maple syrup lingering beside him was enough to send him close to the edge. He is almost afraid to even look at her.

“So, how are you?”

“I’m okay, you know. I’m doing…doing alright,” He pushes his shoulders back in a failed attempt to release the tension he’s feeling, as he clears his throat. “And you? How are you?”

“I’m great!” She emotes in her typical alluring enthusiasm. At that he leans back again the bench and hesitantly meets her eyes, the corners of his mouth turning up slightly.

“That’s great, Leslie. Really great. You look great.”

He shouldn’t have said that, but he means it. She smiles too, but it doesn’t quite match the tone she exuded a moment ago.  Her eyes look rather sad and he suddenly wants to hold her. But he can’t and he hates it.

“Yes. Thanks, Ben.” She draws her padfolio close to her chest. She looks ready to escape, but she stays put beside him. She wants a little time to relish in the moment they are sharing, even it is a little uncomfortable. “Anyway, I was actually looking for you, I had a feeling I’d find you here. I wanted to thank you for helping Tom with Joan yesterday. I heard things got a little dicey.”

He laughs gruffly, “Yeah, a little, but at least we helped you get that sticker. Also, I’ve got to thank you, you know.”

She looks at him inquisitively, “Oh?”

“Yes, um. Just, you know, thank you for trusting me enough to help out. I’m glad we could do that for you.”

“Well, Tom probably wouldn’t have been able to do it himself. I’m sure he would have done more harm than good on his own,” Her eyes soften as she looks at him. “And I can always trust you to help me. That’s what friends do right?”


That word makes him flinch inwardly. But it is better than being nothing at all.

“Yes. Yeah, friends,” He nods gently.

“Yeah,” She utters quietly. She peeks a glance at him, before laying her hand on his.

His breath is suddenly caught in his throat. It is fleeting what they are sharing right now, but he feels electrified. He wants to grab her and hold her and kiss her and take her home and make love to her and lay with her until they fall asleep, entangled in each other’s arms.  Instead, he meets her eyes, sharing a sad smile with her.

Leslie clears her throat and stands ending the moment as quickly as it began.

“Well, I should get going. I’ve got a meeting with William and Elizabeth in a few minutes!” She turns on her heel and navigating down the hall.
“Leslie!” He stands too. There’s a beat where he thinks about how much he enjoys hearing her name on his tongue.  “I also meant to thank you for you what wrote.”

Her eyes land on his copy of her book he holds up in his hands; she met his gaze with a gracious smile. “I meant every single word, Ben.”


They have to trust Wreston, Ben says to Leslie. He isn’t a bad guy at all. After a disastrous plan of revenge on Leslie’s part for the revolting prank Wreston’s coworkers played on them, Ben basically pleads with her that she change her mind. Though Leslie still believes that most Eagletonians are evil, uppity fartfaces, he ultimately assures her and she agrees to give Wreston another chance; in the end, she really wants the best for her park, and Ben obviously believes he is as good as it gets. And he’s right.

Now, Ben joins Leslie beside her on their bench, matching the wide smile she wears on her beautiful face.

“We did it, Ben! Pawnee Commons is a go!” She slaps him an enthusiastic high five. “Now all we have to do is convince him that we can fit a merry-go-round on the property.”

“Leslie,” he admonishes playfully as he rests his arm on the bench behind her, his fingers skimming her upper arm.

“I know, I know. A lady can dream, right? I’m just glad we got someone as good and experienced as Wreston to help us out on this.”

“Oh, you admit that he’s experienced? I’m shocked!” He feigns surprise as he pokes her thigh.

She lightly jabs his side, “Haha, Ben. You were right, he’s a good guy. Clearly, he cares about the project, which is just what we need! I wouldn’t have it any other way.” She smiles brightly leaning into him. “Another part of my dream journal is slowly becoming reality.”

He grins, placing a kiss against her hairline “I’m glad I could be a part of it, Les. Your park is going to get done, and it’s going to be very special. Just like everything you do.”

“Our park.” She states it like it’s a fact. Like he’d been a part of the plan from the very beginning.

And suddenly, they’re back at the Harvest Festival. Their Harvest Festival. A project he is so proud of that nothing he has done before could have compared.  He thinks back to the look on her face when he came back after a night a self-loathing and fear that he had somehow ruined the Harvest Festival, thus ruining her department.  He thinks about the glow of her hair and the way her eyes shine in the sunlight. She’d never looked more radiant or more happy to see him; and she made him feel so welcome than in that instant.

It is then when Ben knows he wants to stay in Pawnee. He wants to stay so he can see her drum up new ideas, accomplish those ideas, and help her build those ideas into something special. Working with Leslie gives him a purpose beyond anything he has ever experienced. He wants to live and work like that as long as he can, and being with Leslie will help him do that.

Now, he’s sitting with his soon-to-be wife, in their favorite spot, reveling in the success of one of many steps in the process of building this park. And they have a long road ahead towards completion, but he couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of the journey.

“Yes, our park,” he squeezes her knee gently.

“It’s funny to think that you almost fired me,” She mentions absentmindedly twiddling with his collar.

He laughs, “Where did that come from?”

“I mean I couldn’t help but think about it.  The park wouldn’t get finished. The pit could have turned into a crummy restaurant by now or worse a library.” She chokes over the word with an overly dramatic shudder.

Ben laughs again, “You actually think that, huh? I bet you would have found a way to get the park done anyway, Leslie,” He says as if there’s no doubt in his mind.

She slowly nods, “You know you are completely right about that, Ben. You’re always right. As smart as you are elfin and sexy.”

He glowers at her good-naturedly, “Sure, honey. Thanks.” The sardonic tone in his voice is quickly trumped by the smile creeping up on his face.

“Anyway, I’m glad we’re here right now at this very moment,” She gestures up towards the mural with a contented grin. “I think we should flesh out more ideas for the park.”

More ideas?” He shouldn’t be surprised, it is her nature to celebrate the completion of any project by working.

She grabs his knee with both hands, “Ben, we come up with our best ideas here, you know that! Remember the health initiative? And this where we came up with the plan after that whole Model UN debacle.”

She doesn’t need to explain it all to him, this is basically their sacred ground, their place to think, either together or separately.  Their place to plan, to solve, to learn, and just to be. The connection they shared with this spot from the beginning was a precursor to how much it would mean to them; and neither of them knew it then.  There was a point before they began their relationship where the bench in front of the wildflower mural became not only Leslie’s favorite spot, but their favorite spot.

“Plus, I already have more ideas I want to tell you about before we think up new ones,” She claps her hands eagerly before reaching into her bag.

His fingers skitter down her back as he watches her rummage through numerous papers, “Okay, Les. What have you got there?”

She sits up with a wide grin on her face, “You ready? There’s a lot.” She holds up an enormous stack of paper in her hands.

“Uh,” He stares at the pile in her hands. “Sure, yeah.”

“Okay, honey, so I’ve got some ideas of how to raise the money-“

“Which is probably the most important thing,” He points out reasonably.

 “Yes, of course, but first, I know we said no to a merry-go-round, but hear me out. What about a Ferris wheel?”


The last 18 hours could be defined as the most taxing, hectic, emotional, daring, and remarkable 18 hours of both Leslie and Ben’s lives. A chaotic whirlwind of delight and happiness unfolded before them. It was everything they could have yearned for and so much more. If anyone had told them 24 hours ago that they would be married, they wouldn’t believe it.

But here they sit, entranced in one another, as blissfully happy as ever, married to each other.

The ring on Ben’s finger catches his eye occasionally, and every time, it feels like a dream, an idyllic dream that was previously three months down the road. But starting now, he is going to spend the rest of his life with the woman who, almost three years ago, he called a pain in his ass.

Though the original plan ultimately fell through, it feels symbolic that the wedding was held just outside of Leslie’s office – it is there where they laid fresh eyes on one another. And it is there where they shared their first kiss as husband and wife; it is a seamless way to close one chapter of their lives and begin a new one.

Ben, who can’t wipe the smile from his face, watches his wife skim through the documents attached to her last minute, but appropriately Leslie, wedding garment.  Amused, she reads through the censure she received from her sex education fiasco.

“This one is actually one of my prouder moments. Even if I was called Loosely Gropes for two weeks.”

His fingers lightly grasp her hand as they read through the various documents and files together. Leslie straightens out a picture of Li’l Sebastian to show him. He nods emphatically. Then, they settle upon the official letter that announces the end of the government shutdown.  It’s a short letter, basically stating the facts and figures of what was ahead for her department, but it holds a lot of meaning for both of them.

“You know, after that first meeting we had, I saw you sitting here by yourself.” He says it quietly, still eyeing the document, his fingers ghosting over his typed out words.

“You did? Spying, huh?” She elbows his ribs.

He chuckles, “More like, working, but you know.”

“Sure. I actually do remember coming here after that meeting. I was a little upset; I kind of hated you,” She admits, tickled by the memory.

“How could I forget? You said you talked to a whole bar about me, which apparently, I was wholly unwelcome at.” He smirks, remembering how even though she was utterly pissed, and noticeably drunk, she looked truly stunning. He’d immediately thought Leslie was pretty when he saw her, but in that club, red-faced and raw, she looked absolutely gorgeous.

She cringes “Not one of my better moments. Have I mentioned I’m sorry?”

He pulls her impossibly closer with a hearty chuckle before kissing her temple, “All is forgiven.” Clearly.  “But when I first saw you here, it was basically my first encounter with this place.”

She nods, “My first encounter with this spot was during my first week at the Parks Department. I went on a self-guided tour of city hall after work once; it was a long, kind of discouraging day.  Ron wasn’t as excited to have me there as I was to be there,” She shakes her head at the thought.  “Anyway, on the tour, I learned a lot. Probably too much about the fourth floor.”

They collectively shudder before Leslie continues. “But, I came across the mural as I was heading back. The bright beautiful colors instantly caught my eye,” her lips perk up at the recollection. “God, Ben. I just thought it was so beautiful. I looked at it and I felt so…peaceful.”

He watches the subtle changes in her face as she describes the experience.  There is nothing like watching Leslie describe something she loves, whether it is a presidential speech, the mural, or him, she is always enthralled in the topic. He loves her passion for everything. So much so that he almost envies it.

“That’s how I felt when I first saw it.”


“Well, sort of. It took me awhile,” He admits.  “I tried to understand what it meant to you though.” She raises an inquisitive eyebrow urging him to continue. “Well, you looked so down at first, but you left with such sense of…contented purpose. I wanted to appreciate it.”  He had no idea if what he says makes any sense, but the smile on her face trumps that doubt immediately.

She snuggles into him, resting her hand on his. “That’s always how I feel when I come here, especially with you.

His hand reaches up to cup her cheek, bringing their foreheads together. He kisses her forehead, her nose, and ends ever gently against her lips. As she kisses back, she threatens to deepen it. And she does, bringing her hand to the base of neck, her tongue lightly tracing his top lip. Concerned this may go too far, his hand behind her gently pats her hip urging her to pull her back. Being with her here, right now, already felt like a sublime vacation, which they are certain to have on their honeymoon, but a wooden bench undoubtedly will not be the best medium to have sex have on.

“I think we should save that for later, hon. We should probably go check on our friends.” He stands and pulls her up with him. “I think Tom was on the verge of blacking out.”

She intertwines her fingers with his as they start down the hall, “Okay, but after we check up on them, how about a preview to our honeymoon, if you’re up for it?” She waggles her eyebrows.

He is more than up for it.

A New Chapter

Hi, Les!”

“Hi, honey.

He is walking over to Leslie where she sits in front mural, her yellow hair blending into the painted flowers behind her. He is eager to join her for a late lunch after a hectic morning at work. He carries boxes of JJ’s waffles in his hands. He kisses her cheek before sitting, setting the boxes between them.  Her eyes are set on a spot on the floor; she looks rather distant.  It takes him a moment to realize that she’s holding their red box.

“Leslie, are you okay?” He looks from the box, to her profile. His fingers squeeze her knee lightly to get her to look at him.

As soon as her eyes meet his, the words just tumble out of her mouth. He is astonished. So much so that he’s assuming that he hadn’t heard her correctly. But then she opens the box and it becomes reality.

“I’m pregnant.” She says it again, more buoyant this time. Her eyes bore into his, waiting for him to react.

He is stark still for what feels like an eternity to Leslie. His eyes flutter down to the box, his mouth agape. A smile slowly sweeps across his face as he looks at her. “My God.”

And then she’s in his arms. Carefully navigating her around the carryout boxes between them, he pulls her to the other side of the bench and holds her tight. He continually murmurs joyful nothings into her hair, elated at the news.

Her distant behavior is instantly filled with bubbling emotion. She pulls back ever so slightly, not wanting to break contact from her husband. “Happy?”

He kisses her, wordlessly, smiling against her lips.  He is more than happy; it is beyond description at this point.  He is here with his wife, where they’ve shared many memories. Most were special, some were reflective and others weren’t shared physically, but emotionally when they’d venture here alone.

Undeniably, it is a meaningful place for both of them. For Ben, he unknowingly formed a connection with Leslie here. He was oblivious, until she shared with him after late night of work, that this was her favorite place. She told him she loved to eat her lunches here, read historical biographies here. Then her desire for the spot grew; she loved to meet him here, tell him stories about her father here, and kiss him here.  Now she is telling him, here, that he is going to be a father.

He is just so glad to be here, with her, with this news.

When he pulls back he looks at the box in her lap and back at her. “When did you find out?”

“I took the test a few days ago, but to be sure, I went to the doctor too. They confirmed it for me yesterday,” She sighs blissfully, overjoyed at how Ben responded to the news. At first, she was oddly anxious to tell him, but any reservations she thought he would have had were indiscernible. They will certainly deal with the duties of parenthood in the months ahead, but for now, they bask in the joy of adding another chapter to their lives.

“Gosh, Leslie, I’m ecstatic,” He says, unable to keep from smiling at the thought of a little yellow haired girl trotting around their home.

“Me too!” She releases herself from his grasp to grab her bag. “I’ve already got a list of baby names here!”

Ben laughs, half amused and half undaunted that she’s prepared something for the baby already.  When she pulls out the list, his eyes widen.

“Just a few names.” She implies brightly.

“Honey, there’s like a hundred names there,” He says astounded at the list she’d produced.

“Okay, I admit it’s a bit much, but the name is important, Ben! Our child is going to be called that for the rest of their lives. We have to be thoughtful.”

“Sure,” he agrees with a single nod.

“Also, where do you think our child should go to preschool?” She pulls out a small stack of papers. “Pawnee has some great-“

“Whoa, whoa, Les,” he chuckles. “You’re jumping way ahead. Why don’t we just think about now?”

“Okay.” She shoves the list in his face, “Baby names!”

“Or,” He gently lays the pieces of paper to the side. “Lunch.” He gestures to the JJ’s carryout boxes, momentarily forgotten.

“Oh, of course!” She hastily opens a box, met with the rich smell of waffles and whipped cream. “I’m starving.”

He chuckles, thoughtfully watching her as she scarfs down her waffles.  It seems impossible, but Ben is still falling in love with her day by day, moment by moment.

And he is already hopelessly in love with their child, whom he is already dying to see. He hopes that they’ll have a special connection with their son or daughter, hopes he or she will love the wildflower mural too. After all, Ben and Leslie more than have a connection here. They have memories etched in the sockets of their relationship that will surely remain there forever. Ben is sure of it, and he knows Leslie is too.

He has barely touched his waffles. His eyes remain on her, flitting down her frame and up again. “I love you so much, Leslie.” He says affectionately, so ridiculously satisfied with his everything in his life right now.

Her eyes meet his as she sets down her nearly finished box of waffles. She hooks her finger underneath her chin, kissing him tenderly. “I love you too, Ben.” She says with the same resolve, leaning her forehead against his.

After a beat, she sits back, eyeing his box of waffles, then meets his eyes again. “Hey, Ben?”


“Are you going to the eat those, or can I have them?”

He laughs as blush creeps over her cheeks. Dammit, he loves her so much.
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